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Gokturk Spices
We had a reality we knew when we were established in the year of 1994; we were going to serve in food sector and put the food safety and community health at the heart of our business.

When we focused on the spice industry which has become identical with cures; we have adopted to imbibe every plant we have ripped from its branches and to supply them to your dining tables in their most natural state as a principle.
• We are putting this principle to use for every and each new member of our product range being widened,
• We are bringing the spices which are given by nature to us as "cure", healthy herbal teas with various tastes, dried vegetables from its home country, principally from Turkey,
• We process the products untouched by human hands in our facilities,
• And we carry them to your dining tables by blending them with quality and savor.

Our company which has been mentioned with the word "quality" in the industrial spice industry where the human health and quality kept on the first lines has been growing as a "reliable spice supplier" of many long-established and strong commercial marks.
At the foundation of our success lies quality production awareness, suitable pricing policy and fast distribution web.
We pride ourselves greatly by making our company which blends health from nature with quality most favored mark of many strong establishments.

Since the day it was founded, Göktürk Baharat which has been serving in European Standards with seasoned human resources and without conceding from quality has the certificates of ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and HALAL.
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